You may have heard of Slotomania Vip and you might wonder what it is all about. Slotomania Vip is a free game that is available on the Internet, where gamers can compete with each other to win special prizes such as laptops, cell phones, cars, and much more. The game is actually developed by a company called “Family Interactive” and they have strived to give a gaming experience like no other.

slotomania vip

Slotomania Vip is not like many other slot games because it is in the form of a music video instead of a gambling game. The aim of the game is to make as many “Vips” as possible, which is actually the people playing the game, listen to the music. As the music plays the Vips will stop what they are doing and start listening to the music. This may seem quite simple, but the game has a few tricks up its sleeve that may surprise you.

The first of which is that when you are listening to the music video you are actually doing something that is actually recommended by the developers, so there is no risk of getting into trouble in the future. By going through a certain track, you can earn points and you have to listen to it for a set amount of time before you earn a certain amount of points. This is usually 15 minutes or less, but if you want to earn more points then you need to play a longer track.

After you have played through the track once you will be rewarded with a special “virtue” which will be kept secret until your next gaming session. There are several different “virtues” that can be earned, but these are the ones that are recommended by the game developers.

So if you are going to be playing Slotomania Vip you have to be careful because if you get caught you can be disqualified. But don’t worry, the developers are very strict about what they want you to do and you will never be kicked out of the game.

If you get disqualified then the developers will keep the points that you have earned from the musical ‘virtues’ that you have earned, but they will destroy the points you have earned from the actual virtues. So there is actually no risk of getting disqualified in the game because there is no penalty for doing so.

However you need to realise that by playing the game you are playing against yourself, so your success depends on how well you do. Many people have claimed that they have won prizes from playing the game, but that is usually because the prizes are being sold by the developers, so that is why they get it back and give it to you. Once you have been given the prize you need to decide how you want to spend the money, and if you choose to use it on the prize then you will probably earn it back.

In the end, Slotomania Vip can be very addictive, so it is important that you know how to protect yourself from getting addicted to the game. Make sure that you play the game with moderation and not with too much of a quick. Use the music wisely and you will surely be rewarded.